KTM SX50 Extended Swingarm
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Our latest swingarm! Available in a number of anodised and hard anodised colours, the photo is the standard silver / black combination. Anodised chain adjuster blocks are coming soon!
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Our latest swingarm has a 673g or 26.7% mass saving over the current market leader, this is a significant saving on a 40kg machine with an on-average 20-40kg rider! The latest Talon swingarm also has increased compliance (18.158% Average increase, 17.446% in torsion, 18.122% longitudinally and 18.887% laterally).

This will benefit the rider as increased compliance and reduced mass allow for greater control. A reduced swingarm mass will also have great suspension benefits; due to a reduction in un-sprung mass the suspension and rear-wheel assembly can accelerate at a greater rate keeping the wheel tracking the ground at a higher speed (less likely to “bounce” and become unsteady in whoops or rapid movements). Also, as the shock sees less force it will not be as prone to overheating and therefore the damping performance won’t suffer over a longer race as much as a heavier swingarm.



Chain guard colour

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Mag, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Titan

Pivot-to-Axle Centre 425mm (16.7323in) at shortest adjustment, 450mm (17.7165in) at longest adjustment. (OEM 2022 KTM SX50 2022 is 377mm-395mm, Market Leader is 423.5mm-445mm)
1848g (4.07lb) (OEM 2022 KTM SX50 is 1494g, previous extended swingarm was 2521g)
CNC- Machined 6082-T6