Talon spoke Torque Wrench

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Talon spoke Torque Wrench

The Torque Wrench has been an ever present part of the Talon range for 15 years! Manufactured with the best quality materials available, it allows you to maintain the optimum spoke torque setting for your bike. **Choice of detachable heads available. Check product details below for correct fitments (Bike, model, year etc)**

SKU: TT001

TT002 6.3mm nippleTT003 Spline driveTT005 6.7mm nippleTT006 6.9mm nippleTT008 6.0mm nippleTT010 5.1mm nippleTT012 6.3mm nippleTT013 6.4mm nippleTT014 6.8mm nipple

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  • Product Details

    Spoke Torque Wrench heads.

    TT002 – 6.3mm nipple – All Talon 125/250/450/500cc & CRF OEM rear.

    TT003 – Spline Drive W/B Spline drive all 125/250/500cc.

    TT004 – 5.4mm nipple Talon 65/80/85/100cc .

    TT005 – 6.7mm nipple OEM KX 1999, YZ 1999, RM 1999, OEM KX 125/250 front 2005-2010, OEM RMZ 250/RMZ 450/DRZ 400 rear 2005-2010, OEM KXF 250/450, KLX 400, YZ 125/250 rear 2005-2010.

    TT006 – 6.9mm nipple OEM KTM

    TT008 – 6.0mm nipple OEM XR 400, CRF 450 2002-2014 front, OEM CR 85, KX 85, KX 500, front 2005-2010, OEM RM 65, KX 65, KX 85, rear 2005-2010.

    TT010 – 5.1mm nipple OEM RM 65 front, KX 65 front, KTM 50SX 2005-2010.

    TT012 – 6.3mm nipple OEM DRZ 400, KLX 400, YZ 125/250/450F front 2005-2010, OEM KX 500 rear 2005-2010.

    TT013 – 6.4mm nipple OEM RM 125/250/RMZ 450 front 2005-2010, OEM YZF 250/WR 250F rear 2005-2010.

    TT014 – 6.8mm nipple OEM RM 125/250 rear 2005 – 2010.