British Enduro Championship – Royal Engineers

April 04th 2015 | by James Burfield

>With the first round of the British Enduro Championship kicking off in the far north of Scotland, for many riders that meant the first step was the marathon drive, which tested any driver and passenger alike before they even got to event. With it being such a long drive the engineers team riders and pit crew traveled up to kinloss the Wednesday before to allow time to rest and prepare. We walked the test no less than 3 times each before the start of the event to ensure that each rider knew exactly where he was planning to put their front wheel on the first lap.

The track had very sandy areas and part of the test ran onto the beach.The course was soon to become known as the dunes of death due to the fact that it was a true test of any riders endurance. Before reaching the test the riders had to deal with an 11 mile enduro loop through the whooped and rutted out woodland, not only that but they must also stick to very tight timings for all classes making it challenging just to stay on time.

Day 1 With the first riders away at 1000 it wasn’t long before our fist rider Cameron Young left and begin his day. Unfortunately after posting a respectable first test time and 500m after starting his second lap his day came to an end, as he fell victim to the notorious stumps that littered the side of the trail and breaking his collarbone, he will be aiming to return at the Welsh 2 day event.

Our second rider away was Jordan Young having a solid start on the opening lap but unfortunately a silly crash in the test cost him time, however on the second lap he made up for it and posted a better time, then began the 3rd and final lap for the clubman and it didn’t half show, despite catching and passing many riders in front Jordan still failed to hit the mark and stay on time, with the course becoming more and more rough it was a fight just to finish another silly crash in the 3rd test didn’t help either.

Day 2 With Cameron out for day 2 and walking around in a sling, doing his best he helped out down at the test as riders came in. With the start times an hour earlier and some revised times for all classes after a fair few DNF and a cut to 2 laps for all but experts and championship who had 3 laps ahead of them. Jordan Young was the first rider away and had a good start dispite having to stop to aid an injured rider on the first lap, a solid test and then onto the second lap with timings slackened but still tight and passing many riders Jordan came in just shy of the time allowance. on the next check Jordan was in a big crash after trying to push too hard.This meant he had to back off to ensure a finish and no unnecessary injury was sustained.

MANAGERS WORD Capt J Walker: The first round of the BEC was both varied and interesting. From the managers perspective gathering the team from across Europe was a challenge, especially ensuring they were all rested and their machines where fully prepared and ready for a weekend of hard riding in the Scottish Highlands. With the generous help of our sponsors, made possible with the dedication and hard work of Jordan Young, the bikes and riders sailed through scrutineering.

Day one on the line ready to start it was great to see the team ready and chomping at the bit ready to put all their pre season training to practice. All timings checked and off they went. This the period where the pit/support crew can begin to get ready for the first check and the special test section. Off went J to th especial test area whilst Dizzy supervised the check time and pit area. Seeing this all come together as a fine oiled machine at the first round was great. However, the arduous course was to claim the teams first victim. Cameron Young had an off about ½ mile from start point, breaking his collar bone, with Nick Smalley playing nurse, he was taken to Elgin A&E whilst I collected his bike. Its always a worrying prospect when anyone gets injured, but when its one of the team its worse.

Day two saw Cameron return with arm in sling. The remainder of the riders were fully set to comtinue on there results from day one. However the course had different ideas. Day one had taken its toll on the track which was having an effect on all riders, from Champs to sportsman. Seeing this manifested in how tired the riders looked at the check time and fueling, however to their credit they where still upbeat, positive and determined. To summarise the weekend, seeing the team come together for the first round and produce the results they have was great to see. Seeing them and their bikes fully prepared and ready for a very demanding enduro is a credit to their dedication and the support from the sponsors After a long weekend with good results achieved we would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors, Putoline oils, Talon engineering, Evans waterless coolants, DEP exhausts, Mission Mx, Metzeler tires and Amped graphics We look forward to round 2 in Helmsley and a bit less of a drive. 

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