SR75 World Team Suzuki GB go 1-1 to dominate the SX Tour Geneva

December 12th 2016 | by cherylmusgrave

The Geneva Finale brought a host of AMA Supercross superstars and this presented a cool challenge as the SX Tour race which was scored separately from the International feature races during both nights action.

Friday seen Tom struggle with his neck injury from Bercy/Lille a few weeks ago and with a five point deficit to Cedric Souberas he had to be at his best to try to take the championship.

Cyrille on the other hand was buzzing with vitality from lap one of free training as he once again amazed everyone with his increasing speed and power on a very tough track.

After some tough challenges in the semi finals which included a fallen Marvin Musquin halting Thomas’ progress in turn 2 of the race the guys made it directly to the main where an epic race would develop.

In the Final, Once again TR got tagged by Musquin after he himself was tagged by Justin Barcia. That would be a battle for TR to regain positions in the stacked field. Cyrille took a controlled first lap to remain just in the top ten and then he began his incredible push through the field as his championship podium rival Valentin Tellier enjoyed a great first few laps out of trouble closer to the front. Cyrille carved his way through as Thomas worked his way to the back of the CC5, Souberas and Tellier group. Cyrille turned it up a gear and pushed his level as he worked past both the guys in front to take control of the SX Tour race and with the track taking a hammering mistakes where going to happen and there was some great racing between the front 3 with TR just unable to work passed the group. Cyrille dug in like the true beast he is and worked his ass off to take an amazing SX Tour race victory and a superb 6th behind the superstars. Cyrille extended his championship points gap to Tellier to 9 points and Thomas now had a 9 point gap to the championship lead.

We had euphoria for Cyrille and his incredible performance and of course disappointment for TR at losing a little more ground in the championship but as always the maximum effort was given so we cannot ask for more.


Saturday got off to a warm start with some ‘heat’ on track and when things settled down we could focus on our night programme and our focus on making the best race and results possible. With Cyrille’s confidence up it was going to be difficult for anyone to take his 3rd place Championship podium position away! Thomas found some fire and with the treatment on his neck beginning to work he was loosening up and he was fully ready to race. Strong Semi final pace seen both guys safely though in 4-5 positions in by far the toughest heat with TR holding the first few laps nicely with a silky smooth Marvin Musquin showing him some lines and craft which was awesome to witness.

The final went off with a bang and both guys ran strong after some more carnage in the first turns. TR was running in the top 3 mixing it with Malcolm Stewart and Barcia as he tried to work not only on the race but on his solid pace in the SX Tour championship chase without making mistakes while surrounded by the worlds best Supercross Racers. The CC5 was on fire and he moved through passed Souberas following Barcia and looking like he was on an inspired podium mission. It was great to see our guys ride together in the middle of an incredible arena of noise and passion from the Swiss race fans as they once again witnessed racing of the highest order with Musquin, Brayton, Stewart, Barcia, Ramette and Coulon being the class of the field. The SX Tour race with CC and TR was fantastic as they pushed on in 5th and 6th just behind the Barcia/Stewart battle for international podium glory. Both guys were riding solid and with just a handful of laps to go we were on for a glorious 1-2 until a fallen rider and a lack of yellow flags from the marshals cost Cyrille his lead and almost his health….. Cyrille could not avoid an unmarshalled Valentin Tellier and both riders were lucky to escape with only a few injuries with Cyrille and his bike beaten up bad. Thomas just avoided the carnage to move clear for victory and an epic fifth international while Cyrille dusted himself off, got up and got to the flag.

The level reached by both guys in this race was amazing and a testament to just how hard they and the team work to achieve what we have done this year….. to give an idea of the pace and class of this race only 5 riders finished on the lead lap with those 5 being Musquin, Brayton, Stewart, Barcia and our man Thomas Ramette!

After a non stop year to take another overall championship double overall podium coupled with both our guys taking a victory each is an almost perfect way to round out an incredible 2016. We may have just missed out on the championship but we are all proud of our guys achievements over the insane 47 nights of Supercross undertaken by Thomas, Cyrille and the team as well as the few international motocross races. Our Suzuki UK and USA bikes together with all our tech suppliers equipment have all been perfect, our guys have performed at the very highest level consistently and given 110% every moment with our awesome race day staff in the UK, France and the USA while representing the team and our valued sponsors and partners during the monumental amount of races this year.

We would like to thank all the organisers of all series’ and international Supercross we have raced in AMA Supercross, SX Tour, Hexis Pro Cup SX, AXUK, British MX and the various international promotors who have looked after our guys.


Words: Geoff Walker | Image: Benjimx16

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