Verde Sports Racing Report – Hawkstone Park

June 06th 2015 | by James Burfield

This last weekend took the team to the Hawkstone Park in Shropshire for the 4th round of the Maxxis British Championship. The line-up was pretty stacked and included guest rider Jeffery Herlins, 2 time World MX2 Champion and 47 time GP Winner. The crowds packed in to watch some amazing motocross at an Iconic Venue. The weather was great and the track was in perfect condition as usual.

MX2 – Jake was pretty consistent, rode well, put in a few good laps and his 5th lap gained him 12th gate pick which he was more than happy with.
MX1 – Josh had a tough qualifying. He struggled to get a clear run, then as he put in a fast lap, he got held up again, sand in his goggles and had to pull in. Goggles changed, he set out again and managed a pretty decent time in lap 5, giving him 13th gate pick which he was content with.
Race 1:
MX2 – A mid pack start made it a tough race from the outset. But Jake was soon into 13th place and pushed hard. The track was pretty one liny in parts and he just couldn’t get past the pack of four in front of him, Husband, Dunn, Bayliss and Trickett. So finishing an excellent 13th place was good but disappointing for Jake.
MX1 – An excellent start, getting out of the gate in 10th. Josh rode a good smooth race. He held his position well and just didn’t have enough laps to allow him to pass Anderson and Wilde, whose wheels he had been chopping at for the last few laps. An excellent 10th place finish.
Race 2:
MX2 – Jake chose a wide L/Hand gate in the hope of scooting round the outside to get a start. This didn’t go to plan and he ended up mid pack once again. It was a tough race. A pack of Husband, Eccles and Bayliss were just in front of him and he just couldn’t get through. So Jake finished 14th in Race 2.
MX1 – Josh too got a mid-pack start coming round the first bend in 15th, but he pushed hard and half way through the race he moved into 12th place. Things were going really well when Josh got caught in a cross rut and got spat over the bars landing on his head. He got up, saw stars, had a minute then carried on racing. Unfortunately he had lost a few too many places to gain points this race and he came home 24th, with a pretty bent bike.
Race 3:
MX2 – Not a great start for Jake, coming round the first lap in 17th spot. It was a tough track to make passes on and the riders were very clustered together, with Dixon, Millward, Davidson and Karro all together. Davidson blocked Jake for a good few laps, preventing him from catching Todd, Bayliss and Husbands ahead. On the last lap Jake made his pass on Davidson and just ran out of time on the finish line to make his move on Karro. Jake finished 14th in Race 3 and 14th overall for the day.
MX1 – Well Josh’s practice bike had a major overhaul to prepared it for race 3 and Josh went out on it, determined to make up for the last race. Not a bad start, out of the gate in 12th with Anderson, Lawn and Wilde just in front. A great race for Josh. He passed Anderson but couldn’t quite close on Law, coming home an excellent 11th place. Josh finished 14thoverlal for the day, despite his bad 2nd race.
MX2 – Jake may have only finished 14th today but it isn’t every day you compete against two Factory KTM GP riders, Jeffery Herlins and Davy Pootjes, never mind other GP riders such as Max Anstie, Ben Watson and Adam Sterry. As some of these riders rode as wild cards, this meant that Jakes points were very valuable and moved him up a place in the championship which the wild cards aren’t a part of. So he now sits in 11th place with Booker 14 points behind and Todd 19 points behind.
MX1 – Josh wasn’t quite as lucky. His 2nd race today cost him a place in the championship and he now sits in 13th place. It is a tough group of MX1 riders, all pretty consistent that every individual race counts. However, Josh is also pretty consistent with his performance so roll on Bloxhall Pits at the end of June.
Quote from Jake Millward:
Pleased to have moved up another place in the Championship. Had a good ride this weekend but would have liked to have finished in the top 10.
Quote from Josh Spinks:
Fun days racing. Very pleased with my results. Shame about race 2. Very sore now.
Quote from Team Manager Adrian Kirk:
We were hoping to move into the top 10 this weekend and were so nearly there with Josh. Jake needs to work on his starts but is in with a very good chance of breaking the top 10 overall next round, with Husbands just 4 points ahead.

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