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    Spares for Talon Hubs

    Talon is able to supply all customers with the correct spacers and bearings for all Talon hubs. We recommend replacing some components after heavy use in mixed conditions, to keep the hubs and wheels as fresh as possible. Or if you’re looking to switch your wheelset to another motorcycle, in some cases, we can supply a slightly different spacing to make the correct fit.

    To confirm the correct spacer kit required, we ask that you supply the hub serial number with your enquiry, this way we can check the components that were used initially, to suggest the replacement components. Information found below.

    If you have any queries regarding a Talon hub, please contact us and we can confirm the initial history of the hub and all the components used. Similarly, if you need to confirm the manufacturer year or build, we will have this information.

    Find your serial number

    The talon Serial number is found on the edge of the hub, as shown in the photos. Every hub has a serial number, which can be used to track the product.

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