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RAKLOK with 7/8 bar clamp hour meter – KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas

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RAKLOK with 7/8 bar clamp hour meter – KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas


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  • Product Details

    The Raklok is made from aerospace-grade 6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy and EN24 (817M40) High Performance Engineering Steel Alloy, designed and manufactured in-house at Talon Engineering HQ in the UK.

    They feature rack style toothed position adjustment system allowing for fine position adjustments of 2mm pitch with high shear strength ‘locked’ mounting, with a Cross brace mount plate between bar mounts preventing bar torsion or ‘tweaking’ during crashes so bars don’t need to be loosened and settings disturbed to release the twist. With a set and forget bar position adjustment.

    No need to move levers, bar front-back roll angle or position left to right across the bike in order to adjust bar position front to back.

    8mm of total bar adjustment front to back and offered in 1” 1/8th or 7/8th bar diameters.

    Extensively tested with over 800 hours of Research & Development, FEA analysis and destructive testing, along with real-world testing at national and international level racing, podium proven results.

  • Fits to Bike
    EXC 1252016-2023
    EXC 2502016-2023
    EXC 3002016-2023
    EXC 3502016-2023
    EXC 4502016-2023
    SX 1252016-2023
    SX 1502016-2023
    SX 2002016-2023
    SX 2502016-2023
    SX 3002016-2023
    SX 3502016-2023
    SX 4502016-2023
    SXF 1252016-2023
    SXF 1502016-2023
    SXF 2002016-2023
    SXF 2502016-2023
    SXF 3002016-2023
    SXF 3502016-2023
    SXF 4502016-2023
    XC 2502016-2023
    XC 3002016-2023
    XC 3502016-2023
    XC 4502016-2023
    XCF 2502016-2023
    XCF 3002016-2023
    XCF 3502016-2023
    XCF 4502016-2023