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RAPTOR Triple Clamp – KTM, GasGas


This item: RAPTOR Triple Clamp - KTM, GasGas
1 × RAKLOK with 1 1/8 bar clamp plain - KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas
Bar Size
1 1/8

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  • Product Details

    RAPTOR fork offset adjustable triple clamps, made from billets of aerospace grade 6082 – T6 and 7075 – T6 aluminium alloy.

    They feature RAPidly Tune-able Offset Race, with 6mm of fork offset adjustment through; 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm ,25mm, they use standard OEM handlebar rubber-mounts to allow use of all current OEM and aftermarket bar mount systems.

    Lighter than OEM and offering stiffness optimised for each motorcycle in the range to provide the best feel and performance. Supplied with all fork offset adjustment options.

    Split clamping to allow correct torque application and provide better clamping with the fork, with bend-Line Support on lower edge of bottom clamp to allow a smoother interface with the fork during impacts and hard riding.

    Over 1000 hours of Research & Development, FEA analysis and destructive testing, along with real-world testing at national and international level racing, podium proven results.

  • Fits to Bike
    TC 1252014-2023
    EXC-F 5002014-2023
    EXC 5002014-2023
    XCF-W 5002014-2023
    XC-W 5002014-2023
    EXC-F 4502014-2023
    XCF-W 4502014-2023
    XC-W 4502014-2023
    EXC-F 3502014-2023
    EXC-F CKD 3502014-2023
    EXC-F IKD 3502014-2023
    XCF-W 3502014-2023
    EXC TPI 3002014-2023
    EXC TPI 300 Six Days2014-2023
    EXC CKD 3002014-2023
    XC-W 3002014-2023
    XC-W TPI 3002014-2023
    EXC-F 2502014-2023
    EXC-F CKD 2502014-2023
    EXC 2502014-2023
    EXC TPI 2502014-2023
    XC-W 2502014-2023
    XC-W TPI 2502014-2023
    XCF-W 2502014-2023
    EXC 1502014-2023
    EXC TPI 1502014-2023
    XC-W 1502014-2023
    XC-W TPI 1502014-2023
    EXC 1252014-2023
    XC-W 1252014-2023
    MC 450F2014-2023
    EX 450F2014-2023
    MC 350F2014-2023
    EC 350F2014-2023
    EC 3002014-2023
    EX 3002014-2023
    MC 250F2014-2023
    EC 250F2014-2023
    EX 250F2014-2023
    MC 2502014-2023
    EC 2502014-2023
    EX 2502014-2023
    MC 1252014-2023